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Knit and Let Dye

" If this ever changin' world in which we're livin' makes you give in and cry, Say . . .  " 

Our Story

Deena (she/her) is a 30-year-old advanced knitter and self taught crocheter from New York. As a nightlife performer and bartender with The Duplex Cabaret and Piano Bar in the west village since 2014, she has a lot of daylight hours for her crafts. A lot of her designs and products are considered outside the box as a queer fiber artist, but she also likes to touch on the classics. Though she has sold her crafts for over a decade through word of mouth, the pandemic (and the world just over all being on fire) really lit a fire under her to take the next step and open Knit and Let Dye to the public. She is a singer with the voice of an angel and the attitude of a trucker, a type 1 diabetic, married to an amazing partner, and the mother of two beautiful rescue cats.

Knit and Let Dye was born out of a love for the fibre arts and a desperation to break free from "another Granny's knit shop". At the age of 7 my grandmother began to teach me to knit all the standards: scarves, hat, ponchos, etc. But I wanted to make more things, WEIRD, PUNK, QUEER, EXOTIC things — octopus hats, suspenders, harnesses, jockstraps, the ideas are endless. Knit and Let Dye is the crafting culmination of all the things that keep us keeping on. I am always open to collaborating on projects and making custom pieces and look forward to growing with this business.

About the Maker
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